Choosing the Right Targets for Practice Shooting

Take aim at industry-leading shooting plates to prepare for your next hunting trip, competition, or professional shooting situation. If you’re tired of shooting at paper targets and looking for affordable, professional-grade options, find out what features make the best practice targets today. Explore the benefits of finding the right targets and check out MGM Targets […]

5 Steel Target Shooting Myths

5 shooting myths

Recreational shooting is a great hobby and can help you prepare for professional or competitive shooting situations. After carefully shopping for the right firearm, most recreational shooters then aim at virtually any target. Find out why you need to check out steel targets. Check out the top five myths concerning these awesome targets before ordering […]

5‌ Tips‌ To‌ Make‌ Steel‌ Targets‌ Last‌ Longer‌

There’s nothing quite like a steel target. Whether you’re preparing for your next handgun competition or picking up rifle shooting targets to take aim before hunting season, be sure your steel targets are built to last. Use these five tips to make your steel targets last longer and find out how American-made MGM Targets products […]

The Best Shooting Targets for Long Range Shooting

Safe, accurate use of your rifle is essential for competition, recreation or hunting. The best shooting targets give you a safe place to aim, a portable option for hauling down a long-range, and long-lasting quality for continued practice. Find out how to select the best long-range targets today and enjoy unbeatable options by MGM Targets. […]

Why You Should be Shooting Steel Targets

Improve your accuracy and confidence while you train for professional, competition or recreational shooting. With a wide range of shooting targets available, it can be hard to find the perfect target for your practice. MGM Targets has a TON of offerings for every shooting discipline. From our gong target stand which is great for everything […]

Should I Shoot on Paper or Steel Targets?

The shooting world has an ongoing debate about steel and paper targets. Is one really better than the other? As industry leaders for more than 20 years, MGM Targets has extensive experience. There are advantages and limitations of both. Whether you need targets for professional use or competition and personal recreation, we can guide you […]