The Best Shooting Targets for Long Range Shooting

Safe, accurate use of your rifle is essential for competition, recreation or hunting. The best shooting targets give you a safe place to aim, a portable option for hauling down a long-range, and long-lasting quality for continued practice. Find out how to select the best long-range targets today and enjoy unbeatable options by MGM Targets.

Versatile Sizes

The size of your target will alter the type of rifle you can use and the range you can accurately hit. If you’re preparing for a competition, use competition targets for the perfect size. Otherwise, wildlife silhouettes or an extra-large target can be helpful to check out your accuracy.

If you’re aiming past 50 or 100 yards, you need a target that you can spot and test your precision. Look for a large target that can handle a shot of 200, 400 or even 1,000 yards.

A small target gives you a challenge at any distance, but a larger option is easier to see and sight in at long ranges. Choose a target from a manufacturer who provides plenty of sizes to create your own shooting range.

Easy Storage and Transportation

Of course, an extra-large target is going to need to be hauled safely to your shooting range. Whether you’re setting up a target on your property or taking a target to a nearby field, be sure you can safely haul your steel shooting targets in your truck or trailer. An MLS, or modular locking system, is a convenient system to change up your targets and pack them up for easy transportation. Enjoy a durable hexagon shape, North American small animals or even a unique creature shape, like a Sasquatch, for a humorous target. An MLS system is easy to pack up at the end of the day, so you won’t have to leave your targets out where they may be stolen or lost.

Long-Lasting Targets

Thanks to the durable MLS plate rack and uncompromising AR550 steel targets, you can continue to practice with the same targets day after day. A paper, wood or thin metal target is easily destroyed with a single shot, mainly if you’re practicing with a high-powered rifle. Don’t let your .308 or .338 blast a hole through your target on the first shot, but choose a long-lasting material for a great investment.

Even your .50 BMG can be used with a rugged AR550 target. Military units and law enforcement agents can successfully sight in their professional rifles to prepare for demanding situations and long-range situations. Whether you’re a professional or a competition shooter, use industry-leading targets for outstanding quality.

Thick, Safe Options

A thick target is also a safety issue. Splashback is a serious concern. Whether you’re sighting it in for a short-range or long-range shot, be sure you use AR550 steel targets that are designed to prevent splashback. This keeps you safe as you sight in your rifle at various ranges and retains your target intact even with powerful rifles with a range of calibers.

Use a target that allows you to see each shot for reliable accuracy, but also prevents the risk of splashback or ricochet. With an MGM target, you’ll enjoy the right material and design for professional, competition or recreation target practice.

Find Your Next Set of Targets Today

At MGM Targets, we’re proud to offer MLS target plate designs and other targets that are created for your specific shooting style and rifle of choice. Shop online today to enjoy free shipping on orders over $250. Pick up some ammunition, clean your rifle and prepare to sight it in for those long-range shots with the best long-range targets on the market.