Shooting Target Replacement Parts

We don’t have ALL the replacement parts we make listed here, but we tried to get most of them.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a shout on our toll-free line and we’ll get you squared away!  Thanks so much, and be safe!

Toll-free number 888-767-7371

3 Gun Shooting Targets

Replacement Spring


MLS (Modular Locking System)

NEW “No Weld” MLS Cap


MLS (Modular Locking System)

2×4 H Base


Auto-Poppers Shooting Targets

Sniper Legs for Auto-Popper® (1 Set)


Shooting Target Replacement Parts

New “No weld” Steel Challenge Cap


MLS (Modular Locking System)

“No Weld” MLS Hanger


Shooting Target Replacement Parts

TAC Rectangle 18″x24″


MGM HexPlate™: MGM's exclusive HexPlate™ hexagonal-shaped targets are made of premium MGM HEXALLOY 550 steel. The hexagonal shape offers up to 13% more target area than the same size round plate, and everyone will see the immediately recognizable MGM hex logo shape and know it as a genuine MGM Targets product, synonymous with quality, reliability, and value... Leave Nothing To Chance™.