Auto poppers are targets that reset themselves automatically, so you don’t have to walk down a long-range between every shot just to reset your target. The time you set aside for shooting practice is valuable, and this innovative target type helps you make the most of that time. These targets are easy to set up and the spring-loaded design works to keep you busy. Auto poppers are a valuable tool for shooters of any experience level.

3 Gun Shooting Targets

Replacement Spring

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.22 Rimfire Shooting Targets

Rough Cut Gong Plates


Auto-Poppers Shooting Targets

Sniper Legs for Auto-Popper® (1 Set)


Auto-Poppers Shooting Targets

Sportsmans Auto-Popper – Various Shapes


3 Gun Shooting Targets

IPSC Silhouette Auto Reset Target


Auto-Poppers Shooting Targets

Auto-Popper® Replacement Bolt Set


Auto-Poppers Shooting Targets

Double Auto Popper


Auto-Poppers Shooting Targets

US Popper – Auto Reset