MGM manufactures a full line of Bullet Containment Traps, in all shapes and sizes.  While bullet traps are commonly used in Live Fire Shoot Houses, MGM has built large traps that are actually shot at while being towed, and other traps that are being used in a testing laboratory.  We have built traps for testing and sighting in .50 BMG full auto weapons, as well as simple clearing traps that would be located outside a classroom entry door.
As with all MGM products, custom modifications are commonplace.  Please let us know exactly what you need, and we’ll be glad to provide a “hard money” quote, including the delivery charges.  Email our Sales group or use our Contact page.
MGM HexPlate™: MGM’s exclusive HexPlate™ hexagonal shaped targets are made of premium MGM HEXALLOY 550 steel. The hexagonal shape offers up to 13% more target area than the same size round plate, and everyone will see the immediately recognizable MGM hex logo shape and know it as a genuine MGM Targets product, synonymous with quality, reliability and value…. Leave Nothing To Chance™.

Bullet Traps

Rifle Clearing Trap


3 Gun Shooting Targets

MGM Mini Trap