The Best Portable Steel Targets

Take aim at the best steel targets for shooting in the industry. Whether you’re gearing up for a hunting trip, shooting competition, or a professional role in the military or law enforcement, find out how to choose the ideal targets. Here are some key features to look for when shopping for portable targets as well as four highly-rated options for your personal shooting range or for traveling target practice.


The Best Steel for Targets

Quality targets start with quality steel. There are many different gauges and ratings of steel available, so it can be tough to choose the right option for your targets. Don’t settle for anything less than AR550 steel. This premier steel prevents denting and deformation.


If you’re using a pistol with MGM Targets AR550 products, then enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. This heavy-duty steel offers serious protection against cracks and breaks but may become dented or experience holes from a centerfire rifle. A generous warranty gives you peace of mind as you fire away with your favorite pistol. Don’t invest in targets that fracture and break after the first day of use, but invest in AR550 steel products from a leading manufacturer in the United States: MGM Targets.


Types of Portable Steel Targets for Shooting

Before you check out some highly rated steel targets for shooting, consider the type of target you need. Depending on whether you’re looking for recreational, professional, or competitive shooting targets, there are two popular portable options:

Popper targets get their name from their spring-loaded construction. After you line up the shot and hit your target square in the center, you won’t have to walk all the way down the range to set it back up. The included spring base allows the target to knock down and pop right back up. It’s clear when you’ve hit your target and easy to continue to shoot at the same target without additional setup time.


Choose a steel gong for a reactive option that is portable, convenient, and affordable. At MGM Targets, we use the same durable AR550 steel for our gongs for long-lasting performance. A pleasant ring announces every accurate shot. Hang them on a leg bracket, T-stand, or hanger kit for a portable base system.


How To Choose the Best Target

Not all targets are created equal. Grabbing any chunk of steel won’t give you the performance you need. Match your target with your firearm and shooting style to enjoy safe, accurate target practice.


Portable targets are hard to come by, so be sure to shop carefully. Many traveling marksmen choose to settle for cardboard or paper targets. These flimsy alternatives don’t give you the same level of long-lasting performance and accuracy as steel options.


Finally, it’s important to select the best target shape and mounting method for your purposes. A target that falls down or breaks apart after a few shots isn’t a great way to sight in your rapid-fire pistol, so pick up a target that’s designed for the long haul. Gongs and poppers are great options for on-the-go target practice. If you’re ready to up your recreational shooting game or prepare for an upcoming competition, check out these four popular targets by MGM Targets.


Auto-Popper Auto Resetting Target

All the benefits of a popper in a convenient carrying size. Choose our Auto-Popper target for fast-paced shooting at a variety of ranges. 


Here are some key features of this popular option:

  • AR550 steel
  • Various shapes available
  • Portable size
  • 14-16 pounds
  • 12.5-15 inches



Pick up a couple of our incredibly affordable HexaGong targets. These efficient targets are easy to store and set up. Empty your magazine on the durable AR550 targets and prepare for that pleasant pop of an accurate hit. Make your own mount or string them up with our hanger kit to prepare for any shooting challenge. 


Here are a few key facts that make these some of our bestselling gongs:

  • AR550 steel
  • Rated for centerfire rifle, pistol, and shotgun
  • Affordable gongs
  • 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch sizes available


Colt Popper

Take on any terrain with one of our most versatile, durable poppers. The Colt Popper features a stab-and-shoot base design for convenient installation wherever you find a safe firing range. Simply press the stakes into the ground, step back, and take aim. Thanks to this popper’s durable design, you can keep knocking it down and watching it pop up for hours of shooting without resetting your target. 


Here are some other reasons why we love this popper:

  • HEXALLOY 550 steel
  • All-terrain base design
  • Rated for centerfire rifle, pistol, and shotgun
  • 28 pounds
  • 28-inch steel plate popper


IPSC-Based MLS Target Plate

One of the most practical, straightforward steel targets for shooting is the MLS Target. This IPSC-based target plate is usable in our Modular Locking System, so you can easily attach it to any features MGM Targets hanger system wherever you travel. They are also compatible with our T-Post Hanger. Set up a few official targets and prepare for your competition with the right targets. 


Here are a few other reasons to love this set of target plates:

  • HEXALLOY 550 steel
  • IPSC based
  • Multiple target shapes available
  • Rated for centerfire rifle and pistol
  • 18 pounds


Shop for the Best Portable Steel Targets at MGM Targets

These four are just the start. While they’re great options for on-the-go target practice, shop around at MGM Targets to find out how you can create your own competition course or shooting range at your home. Target mounts, large targets, and bulk options are all available to sight in any pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

If you’re looking for unique targets, bulk targets, or the latest AR550 target hanging system, it’s time to shop at MGM Targets. Browse our store today to see how you can enjoy innovative target options for your next day of shooting. Enjoy premium steel targets that are portable, backed by a generous warranty, and designed for your type of shooting. Prepare for any traveling target practice or competition with these portable, reliable options.