MLS Target Plate Only, IPSC Based

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MLS Target Plate Only IPSC Based are our target plates for the MLS (Modular Locking System) target hanger systems.  Target shapes for this line include 1/2 IPSC, BC-C ZONE® (AKA 2/3 IPSC) and full IPSC for all of your training needs.

These are the target plates only and MLS hanger system must be purchased separately.  If you already have H Bases that work with 2×4’s, here is a link to the MLS 2×4 Cap.  MLS 2×4 Cap

If you want to hang these on a T post for long range shooting or a more permanent installation method, our MLS T post hanger works great for that.  MLS T Post hanger

Here is a video of the Full IPSC being shot with a .223 at 565y.  Great movement for a target that big with a 55gr bullet!