5 Shooting Tips for Better Accuracy

There’s nothing worse than missing the perfect shot. Whether you’re aiming at a competition target bulls-eye or a kill shot on a big game animal, you need to be accurate under pressure. Explore these five shooting tips to improve your accuracy and find out why MGM Targets steel rifle targets can help. Don’t let a poor quality target prevent you from increasing your short- and long-range accuracy.

1) Learn to Block Distractions

A cheering crowd, a calling bird, or unexpected weather can all disturb the perfect shot. Whether you have a split-second to hit your target or you’ve been lining it up for what seems like an eternity, it’s essential to have laser focus while shooting.

A distracted shot is a poor shot. Learn to block out even the most concerning distractions. Control your breathing, support your rifle, and prepare for the shot of your life. Blocking out distractions is helpful to practice wherever you’re shooting because you never know what will come up on your next time on the range or in the wilderness.

Some distractions come from fellow hunters or shooters. If you’re heading out to your favorite hunting spot or target range with a group, establish some ground rules of distractions. Turning off cell phones, learning a few hand signals, and other strategies can reduce the risk of an unexpected noise or comment ruining your shot.

Of course, wildlife won’t comply with your no-talking-while-aiming rules. Learn the sounds of local wildlife if you have the time. Don’t let a sudden eagle cry, bird call, or deer bleat distract you as you’re sighting in your kill shot.

2) Support Your Firearm

Some shooters turn to a bipod to steady their firearm. Unfortunately, this cumbersome item isn’t always available when you need it. Competitive shooting events and hunting trips alike have many situations where you don’t have time to pull out your stand and settle your firearm.

It’s time to learn how to support your own firearm. Practice holding your rifle, shotgun, or pistol steady while standing, sitting, or lying down. Firing from a standing position is never going to be as accurate as a prone position, but the practice helps you improve your accuracy in any situation.

For the most accurate long-range shot with a rifle, take some time to get comfortable. Lay down and find a way to support the weight of your rifle. A backpack will do in a pick. Rest your elbow on a pack, a stump, or another stable object to carefully line up your shot. While you’ll never completely remove your wobble, you can learn to stabilize it long enough to take on shots over 200 yards.

3) Go for the Long Shot

What’s your comfortable shooting distance? Some marksmen won’t aim at a target over 200 yards, while others aim at steel targets 500 or more yards away and make contact. There’s nothing wrong with going for a long shot, so take some time to practice at these distances.

Don’t take your first long-range shot when setting your sights on a huge buck or another incredible target. Find a shooting range or make your own that allows you to shoot 500 yards or more. Set targets out at specific intervals and prepare to fire. Consider making a drop chart to find out how to aim at targets further than your comfortable shooting distance.

Check the reliable range of your firearm. For handguns, 300 feet may be all you can get. Rifles can aim at targets a few hundred yards away. Practice the firing distance you’re comfortable with and go a little farther, but don’t be ashamed if you can’t nail that steel target 200 yards away with your handgun.

4) Practice Shooting While Your Heart Rate is Up

Are you an expert marksman when you’re calm? If you’ve only practiced with a stable heart rate, chances are your sites are all over the place when an important shot presents itself. Don’t miss the shot of a lifetime just because of jittery nerves.

Practice hitting your favorite targets while your heart rate is up. Use a steel target that won’t dent after the first few shots and get ready to aim at your preferred distance. Go for a quick run, do some jumping jacks, or perform any other exercise you can safely to increase your heart rate.

Once your heart is pounding, simulating an adrenaline-filled competitive event or hunting trip, get in position, and take aim. Your first few shots may go wild, or you may be surprised at the level of accuracy you can conjure up when your heart’s beating fast. Continue to practice with a durable steel target until you feel confident you can handle a comfortable shot, whether you’re in a stressful situation or not.

5) Pick Out the Best Targets

A target shooting event isn’t going to last long with poor-quality targets. Don’t use paper targets or low-grade steel when you’re trying to improve your accuracy. These practice times require multiple shots at the same range or with the same firearm, so invest in a target that will last.

AR550 steel targets are durable enough to withstand years of use without denting or cracking. Use handguns and enjoy a lifetime warranty on quality steel targets. Compare gongs, auto-poppers, hex shapes, and other target options to find one that you can reliably use for your handguns, rimfire rifles, and shotguns. These targets help you find out whether you’ve hit your mark, even at long distances.

When you’re tired of shooting at the same circle or hexagon target, pick up a unique alternative. Firing at animal silhouettes can put you in the mood to bag a small or large game animal on your next hunting trip.

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