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What are the Best Types of Targets for Shooting?

22,Mm Bullet by FocusDzign

Many novice shooters think of their guns as their primary training devices while only considering targets as an afterthought on the way to the range. Experienced shooters, however, know that a good target for practicing with pistols, rifles, or shotguns can mean the difference between a productive range day and a wallet full of wasted […]

Unexpected Benefits of Competitive Shooting

A man shoots skeet competitively using MGM targets

Participating in a shooting competition can help even the most inexperienced shooters gain important skills and experience unexpected benefits. Even beginner-to-intermediate shooters can benefit from participating in shooting competitions. Competition shooting can help you become better at your craft, and skills can increase with repeat competitions. Some of the unexpected benefits develop into skills that […]

Choosing the Right Targets for Practice Shooting

Take aim at industry-leading shooting plates to prepare for your next hunting trip, competition, or professional shooting situation. If you’re tired of shooting at paper targets and looking for affordable, professional-grade options, find out what features make the best practice targets today. Explore the benefits of finding the right targets and check out MGM Targets […]

5 Steel Target Shooting Myths

5 shooting myths

Recreational shooting is a great hobby and can help you prepare for professional or competitive shooting situations. After carefully shopping for the right firearm, most recreational shooters then aim at virtually any target. Find out why you need to check out steel targets. Check out the top five myths concerning these awesome targets before ordering […]

Why You Should be Shooting Steel Targets

Improve your accuracy and confidence while you train for professional, competition or recreational shooting. With a wide range of shooting targets available, it can be hard to find the perfect target for your practice. MGM Targets has a TON of offerings for every shooting discipline. From our gong target stand which is great for everything […]