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5 Shooting Tips for Better Accuracy

There’s nothing worse than missing the perfect shot. Whether you’re aiming at a competition target bulls-eye or a kill shot on a big game animal, you need to be accurate under pressure. Explore these five shooting tips to improve your accuracy and find out why MGM Targets steel rifle targets can help. Don’t let a […]

5 Steel Target Shooting Myths

5 shooting myths

Recreational shooting is a great hobby and can help you prepare for professional or competitive shooting situations. After carefully shopping for the right firearm, most recreational shooters then aim at virtually any target. Find out why you need to check out steel targets. Check out the top five myths concerning these awesome targets before ordering […]

Why You Should be Shooting Steel Targets

Improve your accuracy and confidence while you train for professional, competition or recreational shooting. With a wide range of shooting targets available, it can be hard to find the perfect target for your practice. MGM Targets has a TON of offerings for every shooting discipline. From our gong target stand which is great for everything […]