What are the Best Types of Targets for Shooting?

22,Mm Bullet by FocusDzign

Many novice shooters think of their guns as their primary training devices while only considering targets as an afterthought on the way to the range. Experienced shooters, however, know that a good target for practicing with pistols, rifles, or shotguns can mean the difference between a productive range day and a wallet full of wasted […]

Unexpected Benefits of Competitive Shooting

A man shoots skeet competitively using MGM targets

Participating in a shooting competition can help even the most inexperienced shooters gain important skills and experience unexpected benefits. Even beginner-to-intermediate shooters can benefit from participating in shooting competitions. Competition shooting can help you become better at your craft, and skills can increase with repeat competitions. Some of the unexpected benefits develop into skills that […]

How to Select the Best Shooting Targets for Your Needs

man taking aim at targets downrange

With all of the available shooting targets on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one fits your needs the best.  The type of target and the cost per use can help you make a decision.  Various materials are used to create targets and can determine the product’s durability.  Recreational or occasional shooters […]

Target Shooting Tips

What you will learn: Firearms training is good for mental and physical fitness Quality equipment can mean the difference between an amateur and professional status Mastering fundamentals, like the trigger pull and follow-through, will improve accuracy Whether you are shooting for your hobby, sport, or self-discipline, learning to fire a weapon has measurable benefits to […]

The Benefits of a Suppressor

close up photo of gun with a suppressor

Suppressors, also known as silencers, are surprisingly convenient accessories for your hunting or target shooting firearm. While you need to take legal steps before purchasing a suppressor, it’s a lawful firearm component that offers many benefits. These include reduced noise and improved accuracy. Discover how a suppressor and AR550 steel targets from MGM Targets can […]

How to Hang Steel Shooting Targets

Steel shooting targets that is being used for gun practice

Create the ideal shooting setup for safe and effective target practice at home or your local target range. Whether you’re preparing for a hunting trip, military career, or weekend competition, it’s essential to find out how to properly hang steel rifle targets. Follow these key hanging steps and shop for MOS steel targets at MGM […]