The Benefits of a Suppressor

close up photo of gun with a suppressor
  • Suppressors, also known as silencers, are surprisingly convenient accessories for your hunting or target shooting firearm.
  • While you need to take legal steps before purchasing a suppressor, it’s a lawful firearm component that offers many benefits. These include reduced noise and improved accuracy.
  • Discover how a suppressor and AR550 steel targets from MGM Targets can give you the competitive edge you need in your recreational or professional shooting situation.

The movies make suppressors look like the perfect tool for a secret agent, but they’re also available for private citizens in most states. Explore how silencers work, the benefits of choosing one, and where you can turn for safe, reliable targets.

What Is a Suppressor?

Suppressors come in two basic types and are designed to improve your accuracy while reducing the noise level. They are federally regulated but are legal for private citizens in most states after passing a background check. The two types are monocore and baffle stack.
Some suppressors are user-serviceable, which means you need to disassemble and clean them after use. Others are sealed, which means they can’t be disassembled.

How It Works

While there are subtle differences between the two types, all suppressors or silencers work in the same basic way. When your firearm discharges, a large amount of gas and heat propels the bullet forward and escapes from the muzzle. A suppressor includes several internal baffles to reduce the noise, flash, and recoil of every discharge.

How To Purchase a Suppressor

The process of purchasing a suppressor can seem daunting, but it’s basically a paperwork trail to ensure these accessories are only used by private citizens who understand how to use them. A background check ensures you follow federal regulations and are prepared to safely handle your silencer at your home shooting range or hunting trip.

What Are the Benefits of a Suppressor?

Suppressors are extremely helpful accessories if you’re concerned with hearing damage. They can also be essential for hunters to avoid noise complaints. Explore the following suppressor benefits to see why this is a must-have tool in your firearm arsenal.

Reduce Decibels

Even short-term exposure to firearms without hearing protection can affect your hearing. Any noise over 140 decibels is considered harmful, while large-bore firearms can emit sounds over 175 decibels. Harmful decibels can be avoided by wearing hearing protection, using a suppressor, or both. A suppressor ensures no one around you is exposed to harmful decibel levels and can be combined with the use of protection.
A suppressor can cut down between 20 and 35 decibels of noise from the sound of your gunshot. Hearing protection, whether earmuffs or earplugs, cut down a similar amount. Determine the decibel levels of your firearm to see if a suppressor can reduce them to a safe level.

Avoid Noise Complaints

The times leading up to dusk and just after dawn are popular times to hunt but are also times when your neighbors may not appreciate hearing firearms discharge. The noise of a gunshot can travel a significant distance, particularly without a suppressor. Reduce the neighborhood discomfort of your hunting season with a silencer on your favorite hunting rifle. This small accessory allows you to enjoy bagging a trophy buck or unloading a magazine at your home firing range with less risk of receiving a noise complaint.

Reduce Recoil

Internal baffles in a suppressor also work to reduce muzzle flinch. This translates to less recoil as you fire. Recoil is a common cause of a missed shot, particularly if you’re firing multiple shots in a row. Reducing recoil is a great way to improve your accuracy.

At a shooting range, this means improved safety and a competitive edge. Take aim and hit the bullseye confidently with your newly suppressed rifle. On a hunting trip, improved accuracy means a greater chance of dropping the game in a single, humane shot.

How Else Can I Improve My Target Shooting Experience?

A suppressor is an excellent accessory to improve your target shooting experience, but there are many other ways you can take aim comfortably, safely, and accurately. Find out how MGM Targets can help you find industry-leading target options for any size firearm, suppressed or not.

AR550 Steel Targets

There is a range of target options available, so it can be difficult to know what is the best material and design to aim at. AR550 steel targets offer you a dependable surface for safe shooting. AR550 steel is incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your targets in a single day of shooting.

Compare target shapes and mounting styles to get more out of your home range. Shop for competition-style targets to set up your own course, or pick up silhouettes of big game to prepare for your next hunt.

Take aim day after day, year after year, thanks to a generous warranty on AR550 targets from MGM Targets. As long as you use only handguns, you can enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. These steel targets are tough enough to handle rounds from rimfire rifles and shotguns, but you may experience some denting after heavy use.

The Right Firearm

Suppressors can be used with a range of handguns and rifles, but they aren’t compatible with every type of firearm. Carefully research the best gun for use with a suppressor before ordering this accessory. You should know what decibel levels to expect with and without a suppressor and what type of suppressor is compatible with your chosen firearm.
Ask your local competition about your suppressor. In most cases, you aren’t allowed to use this accessory during competitive events. Some local shooting ranges may even have restrictions or added requirements for use.

A Safe Setup

You need to know where your round will go before you take aim. A professional shooting range gives you that peace of mind, but you need to be aware of your setup when firing at home or hunting. Here are a few steps to take to reduce the risk of injury or property damage while you handle your firearm:

  • Always treat your firearm as if it’s loaded and ready to fire.
  • Never aim at a target if there are people, homes, or other property behind it.
  • Be aware of the threat of a ricochet and use a target mount that prevents this from occurring.
  • Wear proper safety gear, including safety glasses, even when using a suppressor.

These are only the basic necessary safety steps. Consider taking a firearm safety course to learn about best practices or to refresh your knowledge. Professional and recreational shooters can never be too safe when handling a firearm. Proper handling not only keeps you safe but can help you improve your accuracy.

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