Choosing the Right Targets for Practice Shooting

Take aim at industry-leading shooting plates to prepare for your next hunting trip, competition, or professional shooting situation. If you’re tired of shooting at paper targets and looking for affordable, professional-grade options, find out what features make the best practice targets today. Explore the benefits of finding the right targets and check out MGM Targets today to unload your next magazine.

Select a Target Suited for Your Firearm

Targets come in all types of materials, and each material is only rated for specific firearms. Using an improper target for your chosen firearm can result in one of two issues: First, you can end up with ricocheting bullets, which is unsafe for you and anyone else nearby. Second, a target that isn’t rated for your particular firearm may not be able to withstand multiple rounds. If you’re making holes in your target at every shot, it may not even last until the end of your magazine. This means you’ll need a large stack of targets, which can be a costly investment.

Compare Target Shapes and Sizes

A quality target has an interesting, realistic, or competitive shape to help you improve your accuracy. Interesting shapes include wildlife silhouettes or other creatures because who doesn’t enjoy taking aim at a zombie or sasquatch silhouette? These fun options are great for a bachelor party or other group shooting event. Whether you’re introducing a friend to a safe shooting experience or sighting in a brand-new handgun with your buddies, these unique targets offer a refreshing way to take a shot while still providing the same safe and durable target.

Realistic targets include small animal shapes and other outlines. These allow you to sight in your rimfire rifle, handgun, or other firearms on the target you’ll aim at in real life. From a small fox to a prairie dog, these fun shapes offer realistic options to sight in your hunting rifle or shotgun.

Competitive targets include MLS shapes. Pick up your very own targets that mirror the professional shapes of competitive shooting ranges around the country and use a modular locking system to mount to your mounting devices easily.

Find Targets with the Right Sound

There’s something satisfying about a ding, ring, or other sounds when you hit your target. Whether aiming at 50 15 yards or over 200 yards, choose a gong or auto-popper target for your next target shooting experience. These two options give you a visual and auditory reminder that you’ve hit your target, while still providing you with long-lasting target options.

Gong targets are made of durable steel and can come with a hanging post kit. Once you set up your gong, you’ll take aim as usual. A direct hit will produce a steel-on-steel ring, which can be heard from most shooting distances. This is particularly convenient if you’re aiming at a durable steel target.

Auto-poppers are another popular option for target shooting. These convenient targets come in a few different shapes and sizes, but all have a spring-loaded base. When you hit your target, it will fall over and then spring back up. This not only gives you confirmation that you’ve hit your mark, but it also prevents you from taking a long walk down the shooting range to reset your target.

Use HEXALLOY AR550 Steel

It’s essential to choose the right type of steel for your target. Unlike cardboard or paper targets, steel gives you long-lasting performance. Steel is rated based on hardness and other features, and AR550 steel is an industry-leading option for target shooting.

Find a 3/8 inch AR550 steel target to enjoy a lifetime of handgun target practice. Pistols won’t break through this target, so you can empty your magazine for years to come without worrying about chips, cracks, or holes.

These targets even hold up to rimfire rifles and large-caliber firearms. What other targets can take a few rounds from a 50 BMG and keep going? These extreme uses may cause denting and eventual holes, but AR550 steel can stay with you for longer than other target options.

Shop for American-Made Targets

There’s something special about American-made products. At MGM Targets, we use only American-made HEXALLOY AR550 steel to create dependable, professional targets. We’re so confident in our targets that we offer a limited lifetime warranty for all targets used exclusively for handgun target practice.

Create Your Own Shooting Range with MGM Targets

Shop for targets today at MGM Targets to learn more about our affordable metal shooting targets. Keep up with other competitors at your next big meet or prepare for a demanding week as a military or law enforcement professional. Browse our sales to see how you can find affordable options for your home target range. Whether a diehard gun enthusiast or just picking up your first firearm, MGM Targets is your one-stop-shop for all your HEXALLOY AR550 steel target needs.


Featured Image: Shutterstock / Andril Muzyka