5 Steel Target Shooting Myths

5 shooting myths

Recreational shooting is a great hobby and can help you prepare for professional or competitive shooting situations. After carefully shopping for the right firearm, most recreational shooters then aim at virtually any target. Find out why you need to check out steel targets. Check out the top five myths concerning these awesome targets before ordering your own steel targets online at MGM Targets.

Myth #1

Recreational Shooting is Dangerous

If you’re already a firearm enthusiast, you know this isn’t true. For would-be shooters, it’s important to know that recreational shooting can be a safe and fun hobby. Guns are only dangerous if used improperly or in an unsafe area.

First, be sure you know how to handle your particular firearm safely. Take a safety course and go over proper cleaning, maintenance, and operation of your pistol, shotgun, or centerfire rifle.

Next, fire at the right targets in the correct location. Create a home firing range using proper steel targets in a safe and legal area or visit a nearby professional shooting range. Grab personal protection gear and aim safely.

A home firing range requires the right space and direction. Don’t shoot toward a neighbor’s property, your home, the road, or other areas. As long as you have a clear, unobstructed range and the right targets, creating your own range can be a fun way to practice your aim before a big competition.

Myth #2

Anyone Can Make a Steel Target

Not all steel is created equal. The type of steel and shape of the target has a huge impact on the safety of your target. Be sure to use warrantied AR550 steel made by a leading target manufacturer for added peace of mind.

Reliable steel ensures your target has the stopping power it needs. A simple paper target causes your bullet to continue to travel at full velocity, which can be dangerous. AR550 steel targets last significantly longer than other types of steel, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your target after each session.

The shape of your target affects the risk of ricochets. A bouncing bullet is a hazard to you and anyone else nearby. Some people may take aim at all oil drums, brake rotors, and other scrap steel, but this can increase the risk of a ricochet and injury.

Don’t trust scrap targets or DIY steel targets from a friend. Quality targets are not only safer but they also typically last longer and come in the same shape and size of competitive and professional shooting range targets.

Myth #3

Targets Don’t Last Very Long

The lifetime of a target depends on the material and construction. While paper and cardboard targets are useless after a few rounds, a steel target is built to last.

AR550 steel can last a lifetime if used properly. Firing only handguns at the recommended distance allows your steel target to continue to be used with little wear.

Centerfire rifles and shotguns at the correct distance should only show small signs of wear. These higher caliber and velocity firearms may eventually put holes in a steel target, but not before enjoying a long lifetime of enjoyable target practice.

Myth #4

AR550 Steel Targets Can Be Shot at Any Distance

Although the right target can help make a safe shooting experience, it’s important to still use it properly. Steel targets shouldn’t be used with ammunition that exceeds 3,200 feet per second. If using a centerfire rifle, take aim at least 100 yards away for safe use.

Up-close shooting or large-caliber target practice can create a dangerous situation or damage your steel target. After you invest in AR550 steel for a lifetime of shooting, don’t damage your professional targets by blasting them away with the wrong firearm at the wrong distance.

Myth #5

Steel Targets are Too Expensive

Just because they’re used by professionals doesn’t mean that they’re expensive. Recreational steel targets are surprisingly affordable and easy to order. Pick some up from MGM Targets to enjoy a limited lifetime warranty when used solely with handguns.

Paper, cardboard, and lightweight steel targets may seem more affordable. Over time, however, you’ll end up paying significantly more for these short-term solutions. Invest in quality targets for a lifetime of competition, professional or recreational shooting.

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Shop today to start a new recreational shooting adventure or improve the quality of your current target range. Take aim at high-quality AR550 steel crafted into popular target shapes for an exciting hobby. Don’t let these five myths fool you, but do your research and choose the best steel shooting aids to get the most out of your favorite firearm.