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Rifle Targets

MGM Targets has developed a large variety of innovative and standard rifle targets available to hone your rifles skills.  Our targets enable you to spend your time working on shooting skills, and not walking down range to reset targets.  From Law Enforcement training with MGM Targets’ most popular target, the TAC-BCCZ with AR post or the Precision Rifle Target, IPSC Hostage or the challenging Double Lolli Popper target to 3-Gun competition with the Flash target or Dueling Tree, MGM Targets has a rifle target for you!


MGM HexPlate™: MGM's exclusive HexPlate™ hexagonal shaped targets are made of premium MGM AR550 steel. The hexagonal shape offers up to 13% more target area than the same size round plate, and everyone will see the immediately recognizable MGM hex logo shape and know it as a genuine MGM Targets product, synonymous with quality, reliability and value.... Leave Nothing To Chance™.

The hexagon target shape is a registered trademark of MGM Holdings, Inc.

MGM Targets offers a full selection of replacement parts for all MGM Targets. Call for pricing.


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  • 50 Cal Flash Target™


    Designed especially to withstand the power of a .50 caliber round, the MGM .50 cal. Flash Target™ utilizes a 10" Hexagon target plate cut from extra-beefy 3/4" thick AR550 plate, then bolted to a high density composite flat bar. The target assembly pivots on a lubrication zerk fitted machined hub and shaft. The whole set up quickly mounts in precisi More...

  • TAC BCCZ with Armor Plate Post and tube base

    $480.08  $300.00

    TAC BCCZ target face with Armor Plate Post and tube base.  Designed by World Class shooter Bennie Cooley.  The 3/8" thick AR550 steel face withstands thousands of .223 and .308 rounds. The target hangs at a 27° angle to deflect rounds downward.

    Target plate: 11-13/16" x 23-5/8"
    Height: 67"
    Base: 18-1/4" More...

  • Flash Target™ UHMW 4" to 12" Targets


    Maximum Action – MGM Steel, action, versatility, visibility.

    This innovative target eliminates long range target resetting, making more time for shooting!

    The hardened AR-550 metal target mounts to a UHMW pendulum and pivots on a lubrication zerk fitted machined hub and shaft. The durable UHMW pendulum all More...

  • Flash Target™ UHMW BCCZ 72in Legs


    Maximum Action – MGM Steel, action, versatility, visibility.

    This innovative target eliminates long range target resetting, making more time for shooting!

    Combining the immensely popular MGM BCCZ target, a "C" zone IPSC silhouette with the action and versatility of the MGM Flash Target™, th More...

  • Flash Target™ kit - 72" Legs, No target


    Create your own set -up.

    This innovative target eliminates long range target resetting, making more time for shooting! The durable UHMW pendulum allows for swapping out targets of different sizes and shapes depending on your objectives and shooting distance.

    This kits allows you to make it just how you want it - The kit comes with a pillow block bearing hub which p More...

  • KYL - Know Your Limits Target


    The MGM Know Your Limits™ plate rack, aka, The KYL Rack Target™ displays five trademarked MGM Hex™ targets in various sizes, 2, 4, 6, 8 10 inch. The 3/8" thick AR-550 MGM HexPlate™ hexagon shaped target plates are each suspended from nearly bullet-proof poly firehose for great target movement which connects to a 72" solid steel shaft an More...

  • IPSC Flag Target


    How many different training tools can you make out of one basic silhouette? We don't know yet, but the FLAG Target definitely fits into the "different" category!


    With typical MGM simplicity, we use an IPSC target with an 6" hole in the chest. With accuracy development in mind, the object is to shoot through the hole and hit the hinged plat More...

  • IPSC Hostage Target


    We're having WAY too much fun here! We call this target the Hostage Target, even though you wouldn't shoot at a hostage. It is really a head sized target behind a hostage, like a terrorist holding a grandma, or something similar, but we couldn't come up with a name that didn't project images of blood and brains, so we settled on the "Hostage Target".
    < More...

  • IPSC Precision Rifle Target


    This is another one of those that a customer asked us to build for him, and then it got out of hand. We are grateful to Mr. Skip Harris who is involved with training at West Point, for presenting this idea to us.


    The head shot overall area is 3.5" wide x 1.75" tall, with the "eye" area 1" x 3.5", and the "nose" area 1. More...

  • H Base


    The MGM "H" base is the standard base used with all of the MGM Targets tube or Tac post targets.

    Made in America of 1.25" square tube steel.  Wide 18.25" x 23.75" stance with offset 'H' enhances impact stability. Spike legs to ground via pre-drilled holes to reduce movement on some surfaces.

    Sold individually.


  • IPSC Post Only


    Standard tube steel post.

    1.5" steel tube x 35.75" length. For use with H-BASE and MGM IPSC style targets.

    Also available in 48" ($33.60) and 60" ($39.40) versions - Call to order .

    Targets and Bases are a More...

  • Double Lolli Popper


    The LOLLI-POPPER is the answer to the problem rifle shooters have with resetting long distance steel targets. In short, envision an 8" armor plate target mounted to a 36" flexible shaft, with a steel base approximately 4' x 4'. The base just sits on the dirt and doesn't require any anchorage of any kind. The entire unit weighs 46 pounds, and is shipped disassembl More...

  • Pepper Popper with 'Stab and Shoot' base


    This target was developed for some of our special forces units that required a target that would be durable, easy to place on a range, and easy to retrieve. Perfect for all terrain, this target is extremely easy to set up. Includes hardened AR steel stab base too so, just stab it into the ground and Shoot! Easily hammered into harder ground - A More...

  • Sportsman T-Post Target 4" to 12"


    The MGM Targets AR550 steel target hanger slides over your T-Post. The 3/8" AR550 target plate hangs from durable fire hose and swings when hit — There’s no questioning hits on target.  The MGM Sportsman T-Post Target is an inexpensive way to train for precision long range or 3 gun.  Nothing wrong with using it for pistol practice either!  Available in More...

  • Sportsman Double T-Post Retrofit Kit 4" to 12"


    Double trouble! Add another AR550 steel target hanger, and 3/8" AR550 target plate to your Sportsman™ T-Post target and have matching targets or mix it up with a small-large left and right set up.  Double your precision rifle, 3 gun and pistol practice!

    The retrofit kit arm bolts directly to the post bracket with supplied extended length bolts for a pair of t More...

  • Sportsman Long Range Target kit 4" to 12"


    Versatility on a budget. The MGM Targets Sportsman™ Long Range Target kit is the latest innovative solution for long range shooting which handles it all - Rifle rounds up to .30 cal and all standard defense calibers of centerfire pistols.  These economical steel targets are great for practice for events such as long range precision matches (Precision Rifle Series, etc) and More...

  • Hit Flag - Sportsman LR Target Flag Kit


    Better shot confirmation - Improving on the popularity and function of our budget-minded, Sportsman™ Long Range Target, the optional Hit Indicator Flag kit. A lightweight metal flag that attaches to the bracket and 'flashes' at the shooter when the target is hit - making confirming longer shots easy. Kit also includes replacement longer bolts and additional nuts for atta More...

  • ReCon Target


    ReCon --- This portable target, 81 pounds, uses a compressed air cylinder to deliver the power necessary to reset the target after it has been hit. This MGM proprietary target system resets the ReCon in a matter of seconds to the full upright position.

    Using a 12” wide X 24” high X 3/8” thick target face made of AR550 gra More...