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  • .22 Rimfire Spinner Target


    Here is the latest addition to the MGM family of .22 rimfire targets. This target is modeled after our highly successful full size spinner target as seen on 3-gun nation and matches across the United States. The game is simple. You must rotate the target completely over to complete the competition. It will take multiple hits both on the top target, measuring 4"

  • .50 Cal Tunnel Bullet Trap


    This is known around the office as Big Bertha.  Built specifically to be a clearing trap for .50 Cal and the .338 Lapua.

    Weighs about as much as your average Black Rhino, approximately 3,500 lbs.  Better bring the forklift.  Not the little one, the big one.

    We can't send this on the local UPS truck, so please call

  • 1/4" Carabiner for Quick Attach Gong Hanger System


    1/4" Carabiner Easy tool-less attachment.  1/4" Carabiner Snap Link Steel Zinc Plated

  • 11.5x11.5 Armor Plate Gongs


    These Gong Plates are not part of MGM Targets Standard Line up.

    MGM Targets acquired a small batch of ASTM-A46100, which is legitimate Military Grade Armor!  These plates are 10mm (.400 thick) instead of the industry standard .375 (3/8” thick) AR.  With up to 514 Brinell hardness and the additional thickness, these plates make a perfect gong for long range and precisio

  • 12 Pack Rack Accessory for MGM Deluxe Plate Rack (PRS)


    This accessory attaches to your existing PRS Plate Rack from MGM.  Install the legs to the beams, bolt to the PRS and off you go.  The targets are made of the same AR550 3/8” steel as the original Plate Rack and will turn your old target into something challenging, exciting and tons of fun.  These additional 12 targets DO NOT automatically reset.  They must be hand res

  • 22 Rimfire Auto-Popper


    Our ingenious Auto-Popper® also comes in a lighter weight version for use with .22 caliber rimfire firearms.  This target is designed the same as our standard Auto-Popper®, but has a lightweight spring that allows the target to react to the .22 bullet.  The auto-resetting target itself is 1/4" AR400 steel.    The .22 Auto-Popper® is available in the standard

  • 22 Rimfire Dueling Tree


    A .22 rimfire version of our centerfire Dueling tree. Built the MGM way!

    Available in a 4 plate or 6 plate version.  Target plates are 4" HexPlate™ hexagon shaped, 1/4" thick AR400 steel.  Both units are 18-1/2"w x 16"d, with the 4 target version being 24-1/2"h and the 6 target version being 34"h.

    FYI, MGM's exclusive HexPlat

  • 22 Rimfire Football Target


    One-on-One Shooting Fun with our .22 ‘Football’ Target.  

    –Great for shooters of all ages and skills. Order NOW!

    The MGM Football Target. Developed and manufactured in America by MGM Targets and based on the patented invention of Aaron Witmeyer, of Prineville, Oregon. The Football target follows the design of the very

  • 22 Rimfire Know Your Limits™ Plate Rack


    Introducing the new MGM Targets .22 Rimfire Know Your Limits™ with LIFETIME WARRANTY when used with .22 rimfire.

    The MGM Targets .22 Rimfire Know Your Limits™ plate rack, aka, The KYL Rack Target™ displays five trademarked MGM Hex™ targets in various sizes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inch. The 3/16" thick AR-500 MGM HexPlate™.  This target system w

  • 22 Rimfire Plate Rack


    This is the MGM .22 Caliber Plate Rack.  This wonderfully engineered target features 14 targets placed across the beam that stand at staggered heights with 2" and 3"  target faces.  The shooter simply knocks down the targets and pulls a 50 foot long polycord to reset them.  One very exciting feature of the plate rack is the center two targets are actually a crossov