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  • US Popper - Auto Reset

    $277.36  $235.76

    Much like several other items that are now on our product list, we resisted building this product as long as we could. But, enough people and agencies have requested it, so we finally caved in. I hope you like it!

    My reluctance has been related to the weight that our competitors usually put on the bottom half of the target, that is required to reset it to the vertical position. The we

  • Triple Target Special

    $299.99  $199.99

    Get them while they last!  We have a surplus of standard Auto-Popper@ target plates, so we decided to blow them out the door with this incredible deal!

    This Sportsman Triple Target Special is available for a limited time only.  Once they're gone, they're gone.

    You receive a 10" Hex Steel Challenge Plate, with the corresponding hanger a

  • Steel Challenge Plate Rack

    $449.00  $299.00

    The MGM Steel Challenge™ plate rack - Simple, Affordable, Reliable! 

    This is one of our newer products, very popular, and now affectionately referred to as "A plate rack in a bucket" 

    Made of the same 3/8" thick AR-550 8-inch HexPlate™ hexagon shaped target plates as other MGM targets. The Steel Challenge Plate rack uses a similar ta

  • Hex Steel Chall 10" set + Sportsman AutoPopper Colt Speed Plate

    $242.81  $189.99

    As seen on NRA Gun Gear of the Week! (Thanks for the review Joe!!)

    MGM 2 Target combo – HUGE savings + FREE shipping. 

    2 Target System for under $200!!!

    MGM 2 target pistol/rifle target System 

  • MGM Attack Target Complete®

    $2,573.97  $1,543.97

    Attack Target®

    Take your training to the next dimension!

    • Close in Defense
    • Charges 21 feet in 1.5 seconds!
    • Requires No Electricity or Pneumatic Powering
    • Completely Self Contained
    • Can B Used on Virtually Any Surface


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