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  • Triple Target Special

    $299.99  $199.99

    Get them while they last!  We have a surplus of standard Auto-Popper@ target plates, so we decided to blow them out the door with this incredible deal!

    This Sportsman Triple Target Special is available for a limited time only.  Once they're gone, they're gone.

    You receive a 10" Hex Steel Challenge Plate, with the corresponding hanger a

  • Steel Challenge Plate Rack

    $299.00  $249.00

    The MGM Steel Challenge™ plate rack - Simple, Affordable, Reliable!

    This is one of our newer products, very popular, and now affectionately referred to as "A plate rack in a bucket"

    Made of the same 3/8" thick AR-550 8-inch HexPlate™ hexagon shaped target plates as other MGM targets. The Steel Challenge Plate rack uses a similar target hanging prin

  • Hex Steel Chall 10" set + Sportsman AutoPopper Colt Speed Plate

    $242.81  $189.99

    As seen on NRA Gun Gear of the Week! (Thanks for the review Joe!!)

    MGM 2 Target combo – HUGE savings + FREE shipping. 

    2 Target System for under $200!!!

    MGM 2 target pistol/rifle target System 

  • MGM Attack Target Complete®

    $2,573.97  $1,543.97

    Attack Target®

    Take your training to the next dimension!

    • Close in Defense
    • Charges 21 feet in 1.5 seconds!
    • Requires No Electricity or Pneumatic Powering
    • Completely Self Contained
    • Can B Used on Virtually Any Surface


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