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Law Enforcement, Military, Security Services, etc.   If shooting is a potential life saving part of your job...  You're a professional!

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  • 50 Cal Flash Target™


    Designed especially to withstand the power of a .50 caliber round, the MGM .50 cal. Flash Target™ utilizes a 10" Hexagon target plate cut from extra-beefy 3/4" thick AR550 plate, then bolted to a high density composite flat bar. The target assembly pivots on a lubrication zerk fitted machined hub and shaft. The whole set up quickly mounts in precisi More...

  • MGM Falling Man VATA Target


    The MGM Falling Man VATA Target.

    For realistic training for targets behind hard cover. Designed by Greg Lapin and Destin Mounts of the VATA Group to replicate training for real world situations when only a small portion of a target is available - shoot for center of mass of whatever target is presented.

    3/8" AR550 steel target plate, all steel More...

  • TAC BCCZ with Armor Plate Post and tube base

    $480.08  $300.00

    TAC BCCZ target face with Armor Plate Post and tube base.  Designed by World Class shooter Bennie Cooley.  The 3/8" thick AR550 steel face withstands thousands of .223 and .308 rounds. The target hangs at a 27° angle to deflect rounds downward.

    Target plate: 11-13/16" x 23-5/8"
    Height: 67"
    Base: 18-1/4" More...

  • TAC E Silhouette with Armor Plate Post and tube base


    This Tactical System by MGM is designed with the same base and stand with a multitude of target options. This E Silhouette target has a H-Base that supports an AR550 post that is turned edgewise to the target. The targets simply slide onto the top of the post and a horizontal cross bar limits the sideways motion. This is the most versatile steel target system that we have seen. We More...

  • BC-C Zone® target with 2x4 bracket and Base


    The BC-C Zone® target is one of MGM's newest. Made of 550 Brinell steel 3/8" thick, this target is designed specifically as a close range rifle target. The BC-C Zone® is the same size as an IPSC target without the D zone. This BC-C Zone® target comes with a 2x4 bracket and a Steel Challenge base.   It could also be used with the Double Lolli-Popper (with More...

  • US Popper


    This target is 28” inches and is a smaller version of its well known counterpart the Pepper Popper. Lightweight and easy to move, this target is a necessity for every range.


  • Breaching Door complete


    This product was conceived by breaching instructor Skip Harris. (Skip "invented" the Precision Rifle Target). This door allows you to breach mechanically, thermally, ballistically, and some limited explosive breaching. All this can be accomplished quickly with the standard 2 x 4 and 2 x 8 wooden blocks. Set them up with conventional locks, chains, rebar, or simple wood screw More...

  • Spinner



    8" and 10" MGM Hex AR-550 target plates and arms create one heavier than the other and a great experiment with gravity. Of course, the heavier one offsets the balance. -  The object is to get it to rotate completely around, in the fewest number of shots. Shooting the bottom target pushes the top target toward you. Shooting the top target as it begi More...

  • IPSC Precision Rifle Target


    This is another one of those that a customer asked us to build for him, and then it got out of hand. We are grateful to Mr. Skip Harris who is involved with training at West Point, for presenting this idea to us.


    The head shot overall area is 3.5" wide x 1.75" tall, with the "eye" area 1" x 3.5", and the "nose" area 1. More...

  • Pepper Popper


    Quite simply the best popper on the market. This is a staple for action shooting both handgun and 3-gun at 42" tall.

    Target plate: 42" x 12"
    Height overall: 43-7/8"
    Base: 16" x 42-7/16""

    You will hear us say this often, we inv More...

  • Cardboard Target Pop Up Bracket


    This is a great concept and we think we have the best on the market. Once the popper is activated, the Cardboard target follows it all the way over ... in about 2 seconds. 

    (PLEASE NOTE: For proper operation, use 60" long 1"x2" wooden sticks, the USPSA standard. The “up” speed is not adjustable mechanically, but can be slowed sligh More...

  • Forward Fall Bracket NEW style


    New, simpler, easier to set up!!!

    For those of you looking for a way to reduce the number of bullets that may fly out of the bay, our NEW Forward Falling Popper is an ingenious CNC cut bracket and assembly that makes the target fall towards the shooter. Our forward falling bracket works like a charm and is easily adjustable for various calibers.

    Includes Bracket as More...

  • MGM Attack Target Complete®

    $2,573.97  $1,543.97

    Attack Target®

    Take your training to the next dimension!

    • Close in Defense
    • Charges 21 feet in 1.5 seconds!
    • Requires No Electricity or Pneumatic Powering
    • Completely Self Contained
    • Can Be Used on Virtually Any Surface


    In the law enforcement profession, it was recognize More...

  • Barricade Brackets



    All law enforcement and military operators train using barricades, which are typically a range fixture. The problem with traditional barricades is that they have a gigantic foot print (considering the size of the barricade), and they are hard to store because of that foot print. Once again, MGM has come up with a user friendly solution.