Professional Shooting Targets For Sale

We offer the best quality shooting range targets available on the market at any price. These professional shooting targets designed for military and law enforcement use are top-quality and they’re used across the globe.

High-Quality Materials

When it comes to professional shooting targets, materials and construction make all the difference. The strike plates are made from the durable, 3/8” thick AR550 steel, allowing for years of regular use without damage.

MGM offers a lifetime warranty that covers the welding and applies to each target plate in case of damage from a pistol.

Professional Target Options

Each target lists the type of arms it is rated for, such as center rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Choose from a range of durable shooting targets at MGM made from the best materials, such as the Auto Popper that resets automatically and the Dueling Tree with staggered targets. We even offer custom shooting targets, so contact us for more information, today.


3 Gun Shooting Targets

IPSC Silhouette Auto Reset Target


Plate Racks & Dueling Trees

Dueling Tree with 6 Targets


MLS (Modular Locking System)

“No Weld” MLS Hanger


Cardboard Shooting Targets

Swinger Target


Plate Racks & Dueling Trees

Deluxe Plate Rack


IPSC Targets

IPSC Hostage Target


Bullet Traps and Breach Doors

Universal Clearing Trap


3 Gun Shooting Targets

Slider Triple Dropper


Ranges, Towers, and Shoot House

MGM Public Range Target


Plate Racks & Dueling Trees

Hat Creek Rifle Plate Rack


3 Gun Shooting Targets

50 Cal Flash Target


3 Gun Shooting Targets

ReCon Target


Bullet Traps and Breach Doors

24″ x 48″ Bullet Trap


Bullet Traps and Breach Doors

.50 Cal Tunnel Bullet Trap