A staple of IPSC/USPSA matches, the 28" US Popper or the 42" Pepper Popper or the 28" Colt Spped Plate Popper by MGM Targets are the most reliable and most durable targets on the range. 


Need something a little more tactically oriented?  Check out the MGM Proper Popper.  Regular popper a little to boring?   Split the difference with the MGM Split popper.  Designate one half as a no shoot, or both sides as separate shoot targets.  Five or six split poppers can make a very exciting man on man match with each competitor engaging one side of the MGM Split Popper.  


And of course you can use the MGM Cross Over Popper as a stop plate.   No question who wins with the MGM Cross Over Popper calling the shots!

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