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Competition Shooter

The roots of MGM Targets are in competition.  When Mike started shooting USPSA matches, the steel target options were few and far between.  And not very good quality at that.  Since he was in the steel fabircation business, it was an easy step to move into target fabrication. 

Our competition targets started with USPSA Pepper Poppers and USPSA US Poppers.  Now your competition choices include Steel Challenge and Rimfire Challenge, Precision Rfle and 3 Gun.   Our targets are used by casual recreation shooters, casual and serious competitors, national and world champions, law enforcement and military teams the world over.

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  • IPSC / USPSA Cardboard Targets (100/box)


    IPSC Cardboard Targets

    AVAILABLE NOW! - The official USPSA targets, the same targets that you’ve shot forever – exactly the right size, brown on one side, white on the other side, with the A, B, C, and D scoring perforations at exactly the right locations. 100 per box. Avail More...

  • IPSC Target


    The MGM Full Size IPSC Target is built with the same overall dimension as the standard cardboard IPSC target. The target comes with our standard tube steel “H” base and post that is used on all of our IPSC style targets.  The target face is the same 3/8" thick AR550 steel used in most of our other products and is 17 3/4" W x 29 1/2" H.


  • IPSC Target, Half size


    Special pricing cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

    The MGM Half Size IPSC Target is a durable practice device for IPSC shooters. It breaks down into three parts for transporting to and from the range. When placed a safe distance from the shooter any straight wall pistol cartridge will not knock it over. Some of the larger calibers (not us More...

  • 3GN Cardboard Targets (100/box)


    The Official Target of 3 Gun Nation!

    We are proud to announce that we now carry the official targets of the 3 Gun Nation.
    Specs: 18” square with 8” round scoring indentation area. 
    Quantity: 100 targets per box. So More...

  • BC-C Zone® target with 2x4 bracket and Base


    The BC-C Zone® target is one of MGM's newest. Made of 550 Brinell steel 3/8" thick, this target is designed specifically as a close range rifle target. The BC-C Zone® is the same size as an IPSC target without the D zone. This BC-C Zone® target comes with a 2x4 bracket and a Steel Challenge base.   It could also be used with the Double Lolli-Popper (with More...

  • 3 Gun Cardboard Target Stand


    The perfect solution for cardboard target position issues - 3-Gun cardboard target stands.

    Solid steel with 3/8" steel stake to easily drive the stand into the ground at any desired angle on sloped or flat ground.

    Standard width to fit IPSC or 3GN cardboard targets on 1x2 sticks.


  • IPSC Silhouette Auto Reset Target


    Following in the footsteps of our Auto Reset US Popper, we have the perfect complement in our IPSC Silhouette Auto Reset Target. 

    Easily portable and perfectly versatile for pistol or rifle use, the spring loaded 2/3 scale IPSC target face resets itself after each shot. 

    We used our standard 3/8" AR550 steel for longevity.   Set the target More...

  • US Popper


    This target is 28” inches and is a smaller version of its well known counterpart the Pepper Popper. Lightweight and easy to move, this target is a necessity for every range.


  • Spinner



    8" and 10" MGM Hex AR-550 target plates and arms create one heavier than the other and a great experiment with gravity. Of course, the heavier one offsets the balance. -  The object is to get it to rotate completely around, in the fewest number of shots. Shooting the bottom target pushes the top target toward you. Shooting the top target as it begi More...

  • Dueling Tree with 6 Targets


    We hate working on equipment at the range, so when we build a product, we want it to be "zero" maintenance. Most, if not all the "Brand-X" trees feature some kind of a post with an arm behind it that pivots. There is a target of some size or shape welded to that arm. Mike had nightmares about that whole design, and to convince himself he wasn More...

  • Pepper Popper


    Quite simply the best popper on the market. This is a staple for action shooting both handgun and 3-gun at 42" tall.

    Target plate: 42" x 12"
    Height overall: 43-7/8"
    Base: 16" x 42-7/16""

    You will hear us say this often, we inv More...

  • Pepper Popper with 'Stab and Shoot' base


    This target was developed for some of our special forces units that required a target that would be durable, easy to place on a range, and easy to retrieve. Perfect for all terrain, this target is extremely easy to set up. Includes hardened AR steel stab base too so, just stab it into the ground and Shoot! Easily hammered into harder ground - A More...

  • Cardboard Target Stand, 90 Degree


    The MGM Target Stands are constructed of steel angle with tubing to accommodate 1" X 2" target sticks. Our updated Target Stand uses a central frame member which bolts to the legs allowing for easy assembly and storage. 

    Please note the sticks and target shown in the pictures is for illustrative purposes and is not included with the stand.


  • Clay Pigeon Holders, Set of 6


    An excellent addition to your three gun or shotgun target inventory, the MGM Targets Clay Pigeon Holders provide a quick and easy way to present static clay pigeons to the shooter.   Built to withstand repeated hammering by shotgun shot loads, the set of 6 Clay Pigeon Holders are quickly set by simply hammering into the ground.   The set includes three 24" hol More...

  • Barricade Brackets



    All law enforcement and military operators train using barricades, which are typically a range fixture. The problem with traditional barricades is that they have a gigantic foot print (considering the size of the barricade), and they are hard to store because of that foot print. Once again, MGM has come up with a user friendly solution.