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The MGM Targets Auto-Popper® is probably the most innovative practice steel target devised since the beginning of the practical shooting sport. You all know that "Necessity is the mother of invention". As a new shooter, the necessity was for MORE PRACTICE TIME! Auto-Poppers® auto reset targets will significantly increase your productive practice time by eliminating the need to walk down range and stand up steel, or tape paper practice targets. The Auto-Popper® is an excellent target for draw-shoot-reload-shoot practice, and incredibly easy to transport, at only 12 lbs. each! The spring in the Auto-Popper® is a "Guaranteed Forever" spring. If it breaks or wears out, we will replace it!

MGM Auto-Poppers® can be shot with pistol, rifle or shotgun outside of the proper safety distances.  The auto reset feature makes these targets ideal for long range rifle practice.  The Colt Speed Plate Auto-Popper® at 600 yards makes a great 1 MOA target for honing your skills!  Use the Auto-Popper® Squirrel shape to practice for varmint season.  Prairie dogs, rock chucks, wood chucks, ground squirrels?  Set up two Auto-Poppers® in-line and practice your handgun double taps.  Are you fast enough?   Six Auto-Poppers® bolted to 2 x 4s on saw horses make an economy plate rack.  You'll have to work hard to run out of shooting options!

Call MGM for replacement parts and pricing.

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