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Target Accessories

Various accessories for your MGM targets.

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  • Cardboard Target Pop Up Bracket


    This is a great concept and we think we have the best on the market. Once the popper is activated, the Cardboard target follows it all the way over ... in about 2 seconds. 

    (PLEASE NOTE: For proper operation, use 60" long 1"x2" wooden sticks, the USPSA standard. The “up” speed is not adjustable mechanically, but can be slowed s More...

  • Forward Fall Bracket NEW style


    New, simpler, easier to set up!!!

    For those of you looking for a way to reduce the number of bullets that may fly out of the bay, our NEW Forward Falling Popper is an ingenious CNC cut bracket and assembly that makes the target fall towards the shooter. Our forward falling bracket works like a charm and is easily adjustable for various calibers.

    Includes Bracket as More...

  • Pigeon Flipper Attachment


    This has proven to be an extremely popular addition to our full sized poppers. Allowing the shooter to shoot both stationary and aerial targets. The pigeon flipper can be attached to any Pepper Popper, US Popper, Cowboy Popper, or Colt Speed Plate Popper.

    (Popper and Pigeons are not included.)


     - PLEASE NOTE: MGM Popper Accessories More...

  • Sniper Legs for Auto-Popper® (1 Set)



    The Sniper Legs are compatible with all MGM Auto-Poppers®. When assembled, the target will be about 6" off the ground and weighs enough that it doesn't have to be otherwise anchored.

    These things are practically hurricane proof!! This will help if you have grass or brush to contend More...

  • Pressure Plate Target Activator


    Activator pad: Also known as a pressure plate, this is a great tool for activating swingers, drop turners or other moving targets.  When the shooter steps on the box, springs pull the two rods back towards the shooter releasing the moving targets.  There are two rods which can reliably activate two movers each, activating a total of up to four moving targets.  That w More...