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3 Gun Targets

Whether you're a die hard 3-gunner or just getting started, here is a collection of  MGM targets, the industry standard and gear that will help you do it faster, more accurately and make it more fun.

In this category you will find popular MGM steel targets, such as the Spinner, US and Pepper Poppers, Knock-over plates, Auto-Poppers and Plate racks, as well as cool accessories for them and the Official 3-Gun Nation cardboard targets and other paper targets and pasters.

Check 'em out and remember all orders over $250 of MGM steel targets and accessories ship FREE to all contiguous US states.

MGM HexPlate™: MGM's exclusive HexPlate™ hexagonal shaped targets are made of premium MGM AR550 steel. The hexagonal shape offers up to 13% more target area than the same size round plate, and everyone will see the immediately recognizable MGM hex logo shape and know it as a genuine MGM Targets product, synonymous with quality, reliability and value.... Leave Nothing To Chance™.

The hexagon target shape is a registered trademark of MGM Holdings, Inc.

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  • 3-GN Dirty Bird Target - 100 pkg


    100 per box -
    This target is designed for 3-Gun Nation with two scoring areas – A 17.25” secondary “B” zone and an 8” primary “A” zone. Neutralize the target with one “A” hit or two “B” hits.

    Dirty Birds – The name comes from the splatter of white that appears upon each bullet impact which allows More...

  • 50 Cal Flash Target™


    Designed especially to withstand the power of a .50 caliber round, the MGM .50 cal. Flash Target™ utilizes a 10" Hexagon target plate cut from extra-beefy 3/4" thick AR550 plate, then bolted to a high density composite flat bar. The target assembly pivots on a lubrication zerk fitted machined hub and shaft. The whole set up quickly mounts in precisi More...

  • Birchwood Casey 3GN 17.25" paper targets 5 pack


    Call for shipping pricing.

    5 per pack -
    This target is designed for 3-Gun Nation with two scoring areas – A 17.25” secondary “B” zone and an 8” primary “A” zone. Neutralize the target with one “A” hit or two “B” hits.

    Dirty Birds – The name comes from the splatt More...

  • IPSC Classic Target


    Looking for a more "PC" target? This one is for you! Classic IPSC

    Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun!! This is it!!

    This target is a plasma cut octagon made of premium MGM 3/8" 550 Brinell steel.

    Includes target, H-base and post. This target is appproximately 18" wide and 23" tall with overall height of  approximately 60" and is pat More...

  • IPSC Target, Half size


    Special pricing cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

    The MGM Half Size IPSC Target is a durable practice device for IPSC shooters. It breaks down into three parts for transporting to and from the range. When placed a safe distance from the shooter any straight wall pistol cartridge will not knock it over. Some of the larger calibers (not us More...

  • Swinger Target


    We chose to use industrial grade pillow block, greaseable bearings on this product, to give it an incredibly long life, and an incredibly long swing time! Shoot some grease in there a couple times a year, and these bearings should last indefinitely.

    The other factors that makes our swinger different from Brand "X" (and Brand "Y", etc) are More...

  • 3GN Cardboard Targets (100/box)


    The Official Target of 3 Gun Nation!

    We are proud to announce that we now carry the official targets of the 3 Gun Nation.
    Specs: 18” square with 8” round scoring indentation area. 
    Quantity: 100 targets per box. So More...

  • Knock Over Target Stands


    Our Knock-Over Target Stands come in sets of 6. You will receive three 2’ stands and three 3’ stands. These are “drive in” stands designed with a flat top on which to place your knock-over target. Standard lengths are 2' and 3', but we will be glad to do custom lengths, just ask!


  • Flash Target™ UHMW 4" to 12" Targets


    Maximum Action – MGM Steel, action, versatility, visibility.

    This innovative target eliminates long range target resetting, making more time for shooting!

    The hardened AR-550 metal target mounts to a UHMW pendulum and pivots on a lubrication zerk fitted machined hub and shaft. The durable UHMW pendulum all More...

  • BC-C Zone® target with 2x4 bracket and Base


    The BC-C Zone® target is one of MGM's newest. Made of 550 Brinell steel 3/8" thick, this target is designed specifically as a close range rifle target. The BC-C Zone® is the same size as an IPSC target without the D zone. This BC-C Zone® target comes with a 2x4 bracket and a Steel Challenge base.   It could also be used with the Double Lolli-Popper (with More...

  • Colt Speed Plate, 28" tall


    Made of premium 3/8" thick AR-550 plate.

    The Colt Speed Plate is a shape that originally appeared in the NRA Bianchi Cup competition. This is the original 28" version.



  • Deluxe Plate Rack, MGM spacing


    The MGM DELUXE PLATE RACK with MGM Spacing (14" center to center) has several innovative features not found on other plate racks. Now standard with MGM HEXPlate™ plates for more surface area than round plates and the cool MGM logo Hex shape, so you KNOW you're running the best!! 


    First, the best steel in the business. Our standard 8" More...

  • 12 Pack Rack Accessory for MGM Deluxe Plate Rack (PRS)


    This accessory attaches to your existing PRS Plate Rack from MGM.  Install the legs to the beams, bolt to the PRS and off you go.  The targets are made of the same AR550 3/8” steel as the original Plate Rack and will turn your old target into something challenging, exciting and tons of fun.  These additional 12 targets DO NOT automatically reset.  They must b More...

  • US Popper


    This target is 28” inches and is a smaller version of its well known counterpart the Pepper Popper. Lightweight and easy to move, this target is a necessity for every range.


  • Cross Over Stop Popper


    If you're gonna have a Man on Man shoot-off, you gotta have a Cross Over Stop Popper to be sure who the real winner was. Made of the same 550 Brinell Steel as our other targets, the Cross Over Stop Popper has two half size (21") pepper poppers mounted side by side on a single base. Designed specifically for the man on man shoot-off situation, they are set at a slight angle, s More...

  • US Popper - Auto Reset


    Much like several other items that are now on our product list, we resisted building this product as long as we could. But, enough people and agencies have requested it, so we finally caved in. I hope you like it!

    My reluctance has been related to the weight that our competitors usually put on the bottom half of the target, that is required to reset it to the vertical positi More...

  • Spinner



    8" and 10" MGM Hex AR-550 target plates and arms create one heavier than the other and a great experiment with gravity. Of course, the heavier one offsets the balance. -  The object is to get it to rotate completely around, in the fewest number of shots. Shooting the bottom target pushes the top target toward you. Shooting the top target as it begi More...

  • Double Whirly-Gig®


    This is the NEWEST treatment of the very popular MGM Whirly-Gig®.  This very innovative, creative two wheel target gives a new “spin” to the Whirly-Gig.  You can use both wheels as a hit zone increasing the rounds that need to be expended.  The target faces are made of the highest quality AR550 steel so you can engage the target with pistols or rifl More...

  • Whirly-Gig®


    I've got no clue what a Whirly-Gig® was in the "old" days, but I know what it is today. THIS is a Whirly-Gig®, as far as MGM is concerned. I'm fairly sure Terry Ashton in Texas invented this, and I want to make sure everybody knows that. I don't know if he dreamt it up himself, or brainstormed it with somebody, but it is one of the most incredibly innovat More...

  • Gun Drop Box


    If you're training or competing in 3 gun, the MGM Gun Drop Box is a must have. The gun dump/staging box is designed to securely hold pistols and long guns during a competition course of fire.

    - Durable 2x4 and OSB wood construction.

    - Large 21" x 46.5" fully carpet-lined tray and pistol bin.

    - More...

  • Pigeon Toaster


    Pigeon Toaster™

    A must for all 3-gun shooters!!

    Activated by a falling target or other trigger mechanism to LAUNCH your clay pigeons for shotgun training and competition.

    Proudly designed and made in America.