MGM “No Bull” Warranty

What does the MGM “No Bull” Warranty mean?  What it means is if for any reason you don’t agree that the performance, design, craftsmanship, and overall quality of our products constitute the best target value, return your purchase within two weeks for a 100% refund.  No questions asked.  We want you to be satisfied.

Every component of every product which is not intended to be shot is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This means if a component not intended to be shot is damaged by gunfire, it is not covered by warranty.

If ANY weld breaks on any target not in our Sportsmans line, we will replace the part for free, including shipping.

When using a PISTOL EXCLUSIVELY, we warranty the target plate itself FOREVER.

With that said, we know and expect that targets shot with a center fire rifle will show a mark for every shot.  We use what our research has proven to be the very best steel available for targets.  With that said, after thousands of rounds of center fire rifle, and multiple hits in the same area, you may see evidence of use on the surface.  This is not a manufacturing defect nor is it a defect in the steel and therefore is not covered by the warranty.

MGM “Sportsmans” Warranty

Some of our products are covered by the “Sportsmans” warranty.  Items in our Sportsmans line have a one year warranty from date of purchase.  Basically what that means is we manufactured the product at a lower cost so it isn’t built as robust as our standard line of targets.  We expect it to fail at some point in time but we don’t know when that will be as we haven’t tested them to destruction.  We’re just hoping it’s going to be a long time before it does!  Most of the time when we have someone calling about our Sportsmans warranty, it’s because the product is being used in a “hard use” situation…at the public range, for the entire department to train on, or at matches that have 150 shooters twice a week….Yes we’ll still warranty our targets when used in these situations, but we also suggest considering the “buy once cry once” ideology.  If you upgrade to the standard product line, chances are it’s not going to be double the cost of the Sportsmans line and you’ll get WAY more than twice as much life out of it….and if it does break and you’re only shooting it with a pistol, we’ll replace it for free.

We manufacture a full line of steel targets for civilian, competition, Law Enforcement, and Military firearms training. We would be honored if you would consider MGM for your steel target needs. Our products are competitively priced and there are no higher quality steel target products available anywhere. Please call us at 888-767-737 or send us an email at