MGM Targets, Taking training to the next level...

Structures and Custom Builds

Towers, Shoothouses, Ranges, Bullet Traps

Training Towers

•Ballistic Walls, Climbing Walls
•Incline Walls, Rock Walls
•Fast Rope Frames
•Fast Rope Helo Skids
•Helo Landing Pads
•Cantilevered Construction
•Lightning Protection
•FAA Approved Lighting
•Confined Space Rescue Trainer
•Enclosed and Double-back Stairs
•Moment Connection Frames /Open Wall Construction
•Removable Handrails
•Mil Spec AR550 Panels
•Rubber or Plywood Bullet Containment Interface
•Reconfigurable Layouts
•Lighting and Video Systems
•Sliding Ballistic Windows, Doors and Walls
•Low Maintenance / Sustainability
•Custom Design for Any Specification
•Shoot House in a Box
Range Capabilities
•Design & Construction
•Commercial / Military / Law Enforcement / Private
•Video Simulation
•Target Retrieval Systems
•Pneumatic - Electronic Systems
•Turning Target Systems
•Multi-Baffle System Designs
•AR Steel to 1 inch thickness
•AR Steel Deep ‘V’ Traps to .50BMG
•Steel & Rubber Containment Systems
•Granulated Rubber Bullet Traps
Bullet Traps
•Portable Bullet Traps
•High Angle Venue Bullet Traps
•Tunnel Test Bullet Trap
•AR Steel Deep ‘V’ Traps to .50BMG
•Steel & Rubber Containment Systems
•Granulated Rubber Bullet Traps


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  • .50 Cal Tunnel Bullet Trap


    This is known around the office as Big Bertha.  Built specifically to be a clearing trap for .50 Cal and the .338 Lapua.

    Weighs about as much as your average Black Rhino, approximately 3,500 lbs.  Better bring the forklift.  Not the little one, the big one.

    We can't send this on the local UPS truck, so pl More...

  • The Monster - .50 Cal Target


    We'll call this one "The Monster" until we come up with a better name.  We made this by special request for a nuclear facility that needed a great long range target to practice their .50 cal guns on.  Since then, we've made several more as word of mouth spread in hushed tones about this beast lurking in the back country of the Rocky Mountains.More...

  • Training Structures

    Call for Price

    Please preview the small sampling of the many projects we've done in these photos and videos for an overview of the state of the art military and law enforcement training structures from MGM Targets.


    From elaborate multi-level military grade Live Fire Shoot Houses, fully outfitted Training Towers, sophisticated Indoor and expansive Outdoor Shooting Range More...