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Steel Challenge

MGM Steel Challenge targets are the standard of the industry.

  • Target Plates are all cut from 3/8" hardened AR500 steel.
  • Caps which hold the plates on an AR 500 hook slip over a 2x4 which can be cut to a desired length or to SCSA specs.
  • Bases are welded tube steel with a cup to hold the 2x4 and its target securely for reliability and fun.
    (FYI, 2x4's take a lot of hits from near misses on targets, they last a lot longer than most people think).
  • Set up takes seconds - as easy as placing the 2x4 in the base, dropping the cap on top and hanging the target on the hook.

The competitive discipline of Steel Challenge shooting has gained great popularity over the past few years. A great way to hone skills and compete in a standardized yet challenging courses of fire, Steel Challenge matches are held all over the country virtually every weekend Scores are recorded in a national data base with regional and national finals featuring the best of the best held each year.

If competition isnt your thing, MGM Steel Challenge targets are great for training, practice or fun plinking. The various sizes of plates, 8", 10" and 12" round and 18x24" rectangles and the new IPSC type silhouettes in full, 2/3 and ½ size are a valuable addition to the line.


All in all, the MGM Steel Challenge series offers endless arrangements of targets for rimfire or centerfire pistol to long range rifle.

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