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Recreational Shooter

MGM Targets for Recreational Shooters include stapes such as our Auto-Popper® series, the new Sportsman Series and other classic MGM Targets.  These steel targets are some of the most popular for the serious recreational shooter.  Whether you are having fun or practicing for competition, MGM Targets help you take your training to the next level.

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  • IPSC/USPSA Cardboard Target (100/box)


    AVAILABLE NOW! - The official USPSA targets, the same targets that you’ve shot forever – exactly the right size, brown on one side, white on the other side, with the A, B, C, and D scoring perforations at exactly the right locations. 100 per box. Available only in full boxes of 100.

  • Knock Over Target 4" to 12"


    New MGM hex shape knock over target offers more surface area than rounds, so more steel for your buck.  HexPlate™ Knock Over Targets are available in 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" Hex shape.  For a little extra variety we also offer a 4" by 10" rectangle.  These targets can be used with centerfire handguns, rifles and shotguns More...

  • Knock Over Target Stands


    Our Knock-Over Target Stands come in sets of 6. You will receive three 2’ stands and three 3’ stands. These are “drive in” stands designed with a flat top on which to place your knock-over target. Standard lengths are 2' and 3', but we will be glad to do custom lengths, just ask!


  • .22 Rimfire Spinner Target


    Here is the latest addition to the MGM family of .22 rimfire targets. This target is modeled after our highly successful full size spinner target as seen on 3-gun nation and matches across the United States. The game is simple. You must rotate the target completely over to complete the competition. It will take multiple hits both on the top target, measuri More...

  • US Popper with 'Stab and Shoot' base


    This target was developed for some of our special forces units that required a target that would be durable, easy to place on a range, and easy to retrieve. Perfect for all terrain, this target is extremely easy to set up. Includes hardened AR steel stab base too so, just stab it into the ground and Shoot! Easily hammered into harder ground - More...

  • Cardboard Target Stand, 90 Degree


    The MGM Target Stands are constructed of steel angle with tubing to accommodate 1" X 2" target sticks. Our updated Target Stand uses a central frame member which bolts to the legs allowing for easy assembly and storage. 

    Please note the sticks and target shown in the pictures is for illustrative purposes and is not included with the stand.


  • Sportsman T-Post Target 4" to 12"


    The MGM Targets AR500 steel target hanger, slides over your T-Post. The 3/8" AR500 target plate hangs from durable fire hose and swings when hit — There’s no questioning hits on target.  The MGM Sportsman T-Post Target is an inexpensive way to train for precision long range or 3 gun.  Nothing wrong with using it for pistol practice either!  Available in More...

  • Sportsman Long Range Target kit 4" to 12"


    Versatility on a budget. The MGM Targets Sportsman™ Long Range Target kit is the latest innovative solution for long range shooting which handles it all - Rifle rounds up to .30 cal and all standard defense calibers of centerfire pistols.  These economical steel targets are great for practice for events such as long range precision matches (Precision Rifle Series, etc) and More...