Suppressor Covers for Sale

If you’re looking for a suppressor cover, we’ve “got you covered”! With four sizes to choose from, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a .22 or a .50, there’s a can cover to fit your needs!

We’re getting great feedback on these! Unsolicited customer reviews below.

“My entire sniper team has been using them on the big steel Sig suppressors and we literally have shot all day with no issue and little to no mirage. It cools just as fast as taking it off. I absolutely love it.

“This is the best suppressor cover I’ve used to date. The wrap did not move and did not slide forward even under rapid semi auto fire, which is an improvement over at least half of the other covers on the market. The insulating material seems to be cooler to the touch with a hot suppressor underneath than any other set up I’ve tried in the past and no smoke coming from the material. The use of latex gloves during installation work very well at keeping your hands from getting tacky. I shot 3 mags in rapid succession out of a 12″ barreled AR pistol using a SiCo Saker with no issue. I did have a failure of the co-flex tape at 4 mags which is really getting a suppressor hot out of a short barrel. Fortunately, any co-flex tape works and all I had to do is rewrap it and I was back in action. These are good to go, no more burned skin or clothing when doing transition drills, etc.”

Suppressor Covers

Medium Suppressor Cover