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Evil Roy Target System

The 2017 Industry Choice Awards Target of the Year!


The new Evil RoyTM Steel Target System by MGM Targets has a patent pending tool-less* slip on target head, and the AR550 post is adjustable for height and bullet impact angle.  Neither the post or the target have any welded bracket, bolts, rivet heads or welds which can reduce target hardness, crack, break, come loose, or contribute to ricochets or splatter.

I wanted the ultimate portable steel target.  My requirements were extreme.
Tough- Armour plate legs, target post, target head and center section deflector plate. No rivets, welds, brackets, bolts or chains on the target head or post and a 45 degree setting for maximum resistance to damage and splatter.
Stable-4 legs, wide and low stance
Convenient-Set up, take down, adjustments, target head installation and reversal require no tools.  None
Portable-Legs fold. 3' stored length.  Weight 24 lb. + target head.
Versatile-5 height settings at both 15 degree and 45 degree target angle and rocker setting that allows target to rock from 45 degrees to vertical and back. Paper target adapter and 15 steel target heads available.
Tested-Pistol, shotgun (slugs, buckshot birdshot), and high powered rifle.
Quality manufacturing and strong marketing-MGM Targets provides both.

Mission accomplished.  Meet the new Evil Roy Steel Target System by MGM Targets-Patent pending

Evil Roy

(The hexagon target shape is a registered trademark of MGM Holdings, Inc.)

*Minor initial assembly requires 2 ¾” wrenches, and can be completed in about 3 minutes.  No tools are required for use or operation.


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