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Custom Builds

We've built some unique steel targets and target accessories over the years.  For the ones that people love and we can reproduce, you'll find them here, and nowhere else on Earth.

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  • .50 Cal Tunnel Bullet Trap


    This is known around the office as Big Bertha.  Built specifically to be a clearing trap for .50 Cal and the .338 Lapua.


    Weighs about as much as your average Black Rhino, approximately 3,500 lbs.  Better bring the forklift.  Not the little one, the big one.


    We can't send More...

  • The Monster - .50 Cal Target


    We'll call this one "The Monster" until we come up with a better name.  We made this by special request for a nuclear facility that needed a great long range target to practice their .50 cal guns on.  Since then, we've made several more as word of mouth spread in hushed tones about this beast lurking in the back country of the Rocky Mountains.More...