Attack Target®

Attack Target®

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Attack Target®

Take your training to the next dimension!

  • Close in Defense
  • Charges 21 feet in 1.5 seconds!
  • Requires No Electricity or Pneumatic Powering
  • Completely Self Contained
  • Can B Used on Virtually Any Surface


In the law enforcement profession, it was recognized years ago that a bad guy with a knife standing at approximately 21' from a law enforcement officer, could probably close the distance and stab the officer before the officer could draw his firearm to defend himself. While most law enforcement agencies have tried to graphically demonstrate this fact to their officers, many officers (particularly new officers) have failed to recognize the threat as real, and quite possibly fatal.

The lesson to be learned here is that all officers need to be able to bring their firearms into action in less than 1.5 seconds, which is the approximate time it takes for the bad guy to close the 21' gap between them. Considering the fact that law enforcement officers are typically required to wear a holster that will prevent a suspect from stealing his gun, acquiring the skill to draw their gun in less than 1.5 seconds is seldom mastered by most of the law enforcement community.


The Dynamic Attack Target® has been invented and developed to graphically demonstrate to law enforcement officers during their training that the 21' (1.5 second) threat is in fact real. The logical (and hoped for) conclusion is that each officer will recognize the importance of taking their firearms training (and skill) to the next level, or more specifically, that they will be motivated to practice until they mastered the sub 1 second draw, as a minimum.

Because the Dynamic Attack Target® is portable, easy and quick to set up, requires no electricity or pneumatics, can be operated on virtually any surface, and is relatively inexpensive to acquire, there is every possibility that it will adequately fill the gap in law enforcement firearms training that currently exists.


The Dynamic Attack Target® is composed of the following primary components:

  • A target trolley that the actual target is mounted on Modular sections of "track" that provide a smooth and uniform runway for the target trolley.
  • A drive mechanism assembly, including:
  • The device that provides the actual power to move the target
  • Variable density foam blocks prevent damage to the target trolley as it suddenly stops.
  • 1/8" steel cable that connects the target trolley to the drive mechanism.
  • A "trigger" device with 30 foot cable allows the instructor to initiate the "attack" whenever he wants.

How It Works

The modular track easily bolts together in four manageable sections to provide an appropriate attack distance (typically 21'), but a longer or shorter distance may be appropriate, depending on the exercise.


The drive mechanism has been designed to meet the strength and distance requirements for this specific application. A small gear is attached to the exterior of the cable drum. A spring loaded gear stop allows the gear to ratchet past it, as the target is placed in the "attack" position, but holds the cable drum in place until the trigger device is activated. (The cable on the drum is spooled off as the attack target is moved into position.)

When the trolley is positioned properly, the trigger mechanism is manually activated, and the activator device pulls the target trolley to it via the cable at a high rate of speed - approx 21 feet in 1.5 seconds!!

The variable density foam blocks "catch" the trolley at the end of the "attack", effectively bringing it to a stop without damage.

The cardboard target actually falls toward the shooter when the trolley reaches the end of it's travel. Though by design, the falling action is quite a surprise, even when it is expected, and dramatically shows the student that they did or did not complete the drill properly. If the student is standing close to the drive unit, the target will actually fall on them, possibly simulating the "bad guy with the knife" scenario. While it doesn't hurt, again, it is quite a surprise.


This device demonstrates the need for a fast, accurate pistol draw (or other movement to quickly bring a weapon to bear on an attacker), coupled with lateral movement to increase the officer's chance of survival, and ultimately make him the victor in the event. No other product does this at all, and certainly nothing does it as effectively as the MGM Attack Target. No other product is as economical to purchase and operate, as versatile (for use on any surface), as quick and easy to set up indoors or outdoors. No other product has the MGM No Bull Warranty of 3,500* cycles, (even though our test unit went to 4,600 cycles without a failure).

* The warranty does not cover any component hit with a bullet, which would indicate improper set up, or other abuse.


We believe that you'll find this product to be one of the best values you have purchased, and that it will exceed your expectations in every respect. The Attack Target® will take your training program to the next level.

Improvements Already! At no additional charge!

All Attack Targets® now have two additional stick tubes mounted on them, perpendicular to the first ones. This feature will allow you to use the system as a short "Running Target"! (All original trolleys will be modified at our Idaho plant, for $45, plus shipping. Please contact us before you send it back for the upgrade.)

All Attack Targets® include a 30' long Trigger Cable. In addition to using the system as designed, and as a Running Target, the longer cable will allow you to trigger the system from behind, so it can be used as a running away from you target! What will we think of next! Earlier customers with the original cables are able to purchase the longer cables at a modest cost.


Before attempting assembly or use, PLEASE watch the video!

We appreciate your trust in MGM products, and thank you for your service to our country!



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  • Manufactured by: MGM Targets